The richness of Italian food and wine also (and above all) derives from respect for the environment.

This is why Villa Guelfa adopts sustainable and green policies.

Creating synergies between production, distribution and consumption of Italy’s excellent food products is crucial. Only by preserving Italy, only by respecting it can we continue to offer quality and goodness.

Villa Guelfa has chosen to operate with respect for environmental sustainability. We have adopted FSC cardboard packaging for our baskets. This material is compatible with the new European packaging regulations: an important step on the path towards increasingly eco-sustainable production.

The choice of FSC paper materials is dictated by the desire to protect the environment, without renouncing the safety of packaging able to protect product integrity. Silk-screened packaging offers ample security and considerably reduces the risk of breakage during transport.

An important choice. Relying on Villa Guelfa for corporate gifts and Christmas baskets means embracing a philosophy that makes respect for the environment paramount, without giving up the pleasure of discovering the most authentic traditional flavours.