A product doesn’t just have to be good to become part of our range.

We have drawn up a Manifesto, which contains the fundamental elements that guide our choices.

Focus on the consumer is always central. It is at the basis of the choices we make: when defining the new catalogue, we want to offer products of value to those who choose to entrust their company gifts to Villa Guelfa.

What we want you to find in our Christmas baskets are:

    • High quality.
    • Short and controlled supply chain.
    • Tradition.
    • Esclusivity.
    • Safety and traceability of all products.
    • Elegant packaging.

The Manifesto recounts something about our baskets and something about us: we are driven by great curiosity, we have the utmost respect for our consumers, we want to offer excellent gifts and above all we try to give visibility to small and large brands able to provide delicious gems of Italy’s food and wine heritage.

We choose what convinces us, we are the severest critics of the specialities we present: if you find them in our gift baskets and boxes, we are certain that they will win you over, just as they did us.