How are our Christmas baskets created? From a careful selection of famous specialities.

Remote places with strong vocations are often where top-quality products and the most tempting specialities come from.

Looked after by the care of their creators, they stand out in terms of balance and flavour. Our job is to discover them.

That is why very often selection and travel become one and the same thing. We are explorers. We move between villages and cities, between small artisan shops and big brands, in search of things that appeal to our taste.

A fine wine, made with passion by generations of wine-growing families. A cheese full of suggestions of alpine milk. The warm and inviting fragrance of a freshly baked panettone. Postcards of our travels, snapshots of those moments that remain etched in our memories.

Behind the assortment that each of our baskets and gift boxes displays are the stories of those who have been making these products for a lifetime. Family legacies, dreams and traditions: elements that give a harmonious set of inspirations to our food and wine specialities.

The selection process is not limited to the confectionery and gourmet products themselves: we care to ensure they are presented in elegant and refined baskets. We choose every material with care, from wood to fabric, paper and bows. We try to enhance the specialities in the baskets with a balance of colours and details that communicate their value.

Beauty is a first step towards the pleasure of tasting. And while taste is our guiding star in our quest for excellence, aesthetic care is no less important to us. Inside our Christmas baskets you will find good, inviting and guaranteed products. It will be a pleasure to taste them, as well as to contemplate the casket that contains them.