Villa Guelfa was established in the Langhe, a UNESCO Heritage Site and the cradle of food and wine excellence.

We have the good fortune of living in an enchanting landscape.

It’s nice to let your gaze wander over hills that draw brushstrokes of colour between earth and sky, creating moments of exciting beauty with the passing of the seasons.

On the Italian food and wine scenario, the Langhe is an inspired player. And yet, our country has so much to offer in terms of goodness that to limit ourselves to just one region would be a shame.

Hence, we offer assortments that represent a real journey through the regional delicacies of Italy. In our Christmas baskets and gift boxes you will find specialities of different origins, united by a common thread of guaranteed quality, delicious flavours and the most authentic taste of tradition.

We have decided to dedicate the 100% Italian line to the flavours of Italy: boxes designed to enhance the most representative, most inspired and best food and wine specialities. The result of a short and certified supply chain, high quality, 100% Italian products that bring prestige to the national tradition of good food.

The Langhe have taken us afar: our Christmas boxes are sold all over the world, in Europe and beyond. Preferring Villa Guelfa means conveying the news of our top-quality products far and wide. And being certain of giving a welcome and appreciated gift… from the very first taste!