For the corporate gifts of your company choose Villa Guelfa.

Christmas baskets are an important way to communicate closeness to and appreciation of employees and suppliers.

They contribute to transmitting value and consolidating business partnerships. When packing Christmas baskets, we always start with a thought: we have to create something unique, something we ourselves would like to find under the tree.

If you choose to entrust corporate gifts to us, you can count on a company with over forty years of experience in the trade. A company that is lucky enough to be located in one of the areas most suited to food and wine, home to timeless excellence.

We select gastronomic and confectionery specialities of established brands, alongside gems produced by smaller companies. Every year we renew the catalogue, to offer something new and unexpected even to those who have been using our company for years.

Curiosity drives our choices, together with the desire to offer a high level of service. Entrust your corporate gifts to us. We have a wide range of confectionery and gastronomic boxes to satisfy every need: from the panettone and bottle gift to baskets containing delicacies and fine wines.

Villa Guelfa, together with you, will customise the basket and gift boxes to meet your wishes and preferences. We offer a wide range of elegant and valuable containers made of wicker, fabric or wood, to package gifts with an ample margin of customisation.

Our experience and skills gained over the years enable us to meet private label requirements. We can produce Christmas baskets on which you can place your brand, for the large-scale retail trade or different sales circuits. Our production capacity allows us to handle large numbers of requests, while offering ample guarantees and total respect for production schedules and delivery deadlines.

Contact us to define the gifts and corporate presents for next Christmas. We will cater to your requests with guaranteed flexibility and quality.